There are ethereal entities of lust and love woven deeply into the cosmos. I have emerged out of the ethereal and into this earthly existence (and judging from my photos, I have yet to secure clothing). I connect with busy professionals, athletes, creative types and anyone else looking to unwind with an intellectually alluring companion. I offer an unpretentious, quirky and fun diversion from your stresses and celebration of your successes.

We could tuck ourselves away from the outside world, spend a few hours wandering a museum or flirt over a meal. Want to unload a stream of consciousness? I listen without judgment and have an open-minded attitude. While I have an extensive formal education in the sciences, I could easily have pursued a life of an artist. I believe the only difference is in the application of one's creativity: towards solving problems or expressing emotion.

Major themes in my life include outdoor recreation and learning. Lately, my interests have entered an era of discovering new parts of myself, especially those attributes that might reveal themselves upon a life-experience collaboration with you. I hope that when we meet you’ll learn a little something about your own self.

Always uninhibited and as deviant as I am tame, my physical and intellectual energies readily transfer to any activities we happen to engage in together. Whether we meet for a few hours or form an alliance over an entire weekend, expect our exchanges to range from silly chitchat to amicable debates sprinkled with flirtatious touches and laughter.

In lust and love,

-Violeta Apacheta