About You

Thoughtful, introspective, and kind, you’re looking to create more connection and intimacy in your life. You want to be seen for who you are and not for what you have accomplished or possess.

You are open minded enough to know that the pressures of conventional dating and romantic relationships aren’t for you, yet wanting a connection with others is fundamentally human. You recognize connection as a way to learn about new ideas, perspectives and about your own self.

An intelligent, compassionate and thoughtful woman brings out all your best qualities. She is an added incentive for you to carve out some time from your schedule and enjoy your life. To check out the new menu at your favorite restaurant, to take a trip to the mountains, to check out that new exhibit you’ve been dying to see, or simply be still in a warm embrace.

In a world that forces us to wear several masks, with me you’re welcome to take them all off, come as you are and experience the present moment.

About Me

Connection with others is one of the greatest gifts of the human experience. I never have an expectation of what that connection should look like. Whenever meeting someone new I’m always excited to see how we will end up relating to one another.

I live life open-mindedly. I am driven by curiosity and live for using natural terrain in beautiful landscapes to challenge myself physically. I am eternally grateful to my current life path for having the ability to pursue these passions openly and freely.

Having academic backgrounds in materials science and field biology, having worked as an engineer, bike messenger and as a professional companion, I’ve had many life experiences. Time spent with you with you will be a welcomed addition.

I take joy in doing my very best to create whatever type of experience you might be seeking. However, if your ideal date includes silly chitchat and amicable debates sprinkled with flirtatious touches and laughter, I sincerely hope we have the occasion to meet.